Top 5 Board Games of 2018

Root Nyctophobia Everdell Detective Coimbre


Name and 2018 Rank Discription Picture
Root 1st A game of adventure and war where players battle for control of the vast wilderness. Root
Nyctophobia 2nd A cooperative game where players must work together to escape predators chasing them in a pitch-black forest. However, players must where blackout glasses and rely on touch to navigate their way to safety. Nyctophobia
Everdell 3rd Beneath the trees, in the valley of Everdell, rests a civilization of critters. Players must lead a group of critters to settle new territory and establish new cities. Everdell
Detective: A Mordern Crime Board Game 4th Players can either work on their own or cooperate with each other to solve 5 different cases and find out how they are connected. Players will enter a city maze of old mysteries and fresh crime as they take on the tasks of real detectives. Detective
Coimbra 5th Portugal is thriving in the 15th and 16th century during the Age of Discovery, and Coimbra is at the center of it as the cultural center of the country. Players act as the head of one of the city's oldest houses as they seek to earn prestige by building relationships with the countries monastaries as well as funding the biggest expeditions of the era. Coimbra